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Search ABC : Let Me Learn WORDS
Word search challenge! Love word search puzzle games? Search ABC is a good word search puzzle game for kids. Draw a line on the letters to spell the word of the picture. Please refer to Word List or Option menu in case of difficulty. You can collect the missing parts for the space shuttle every 3 stages. Help Momo fly to outer space!

※Basic literacy is recommended for Search ABC.
※Search ABC has no In App Purchase.

'MATCH' is Learn words with cute and colorful pictures while playing! For additional help, collect and exchange the mini-stars for upgrades. Examples are extend the maximum number of hearts and hint button.

● Option
· Choose different pictures for the back cover of the card.
· Option to select different languages for the first and second picture.
· Turn on/off sound.

Let Me Learn WORDS
Let Me Learn WORDS
'Let Me Learn Words' is an innovative educational game which teaches the English alphabet and words with the easy-to-read alphabet tiles. With its cute, original, and colorful artwork, learning becomes easy, fun, and enjoyable for all ages!

● Practice Menu
Find and collect the Energy-Bubbles from 4 different categories: Animals, Plants, Colors/Numbers, and Other.

● Quiz Menu
Practice what you have learned in the 'Practice Quiz' menu! Repetition is an important element in learning!
Or try the 'Random Quiz' mode! It challenges you with all the words in the game!

● Extras
Need a helping hand? There is a Hint option in the Settings menu for assistance!
You can change the background picture of the Practice Mode!
Change the alphabet letters to uppercase or lowercase!